Yin Yoga and its Importance for our Health

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July 17, 2019
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Yin Yoga and its Importance for our Health

Yin Yoga originates from the Taoist concept of ancient times. It is based on two principles: Yin and Yang, which are both the opposite of each other.

While Yin is referred to as the unmoving aspect of things, Yang highlights mainly the changing and continuously moving ones. When you correlate them with the human body, the stiff tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia are more like yin whereas the more moveable muscles are associated with yang.

History of Yin Yoga

Originated in the 1980s, a type of Yoga, called Taoist Yoga led by Paulie Zink gained immense fame due to its unique mix of martial arts and yin like poses. In the coming years, his students Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers began teaching these methods while working out pathways that steered through both physiological and energetic aspects of the human mind.

Later in the 1990s, they coined the name Yin Yoga. Their contribution to spreading out this mix of meditation and quick exercises enriched some people worldwide.

The Significance of Yin Yoga

Each yoga style and pose intends to cater a different physical and mental need. Similar to that, Yin Yoga helps to achieve a stern balance between your body and mind. The Yang styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar focus mainly on the monotonous contraction of muscles. In other words, this aspect of yoga deals in moving the body in dynamic motions including stretching, stimulation, and strengthening. By practicing this, you can get rid of various muscle pains and injuries.

On the other hand, the Yin style of yoga emphasizes more on holding static postures for an extended period to stimulate relaxation, and peace in your mind. Regardless of how poles apart these two styles may be, they are done together to complement and support each other. Imagine doing a posture that requires sudden movements and results in fragility in your muscles. How would that feel? Too quick, right? Then minutes later, you’ll be reinforced with poses that will not only bring peace but a specific restoration causing immense stress in your body. Hence, two different experiences and two different feelings.

Benefits of Yin Yoga at Quincy, MA

Our wellness studio at Quincy offers expert Yoga training in Yin Yoga where you will learn techniques to create a healthy balance between your mind and body. Since both organs are also diverse in their workings, an equilibrium between the two is pivotal to live a life full of satisfaction and contentment.

We provide training starting from beginners to intermediate and experts to resolve any of their muscle tensions. Yoga in Quincy at regular sessions aim to reduce stress, anxiety and other forms of disorders that you find it difficult at handling. Also, it also increases your blood circulation thereby improving muscle flexibility and mobility.

We at Quincy Studio, MA offer a Yin Yoga class every Sunday along with some workshops to help you maintain a strong balance between your physical and mental health.

Who is eligible for our Yin Yoga classes?

Everyone! Although this session is open for all, we recommend it especially to those who are struggling for energy in their routine tasks. Moreover, people whose minds are always overactive, or is racing 24/7 can also be part of Quincy Yoga so to calm their muscles down.

Reference: https://www.ekhartyoga.com/articles/practice/the-benefits-of-yin-yoga

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