Erin Kay Anderson

Erin Kay Anderson: 200 hr YTT : South Boston Yoga • M.A. Intercultural Youth & Family Development, U Of Montana, Missoula • B.A Sociology, Umass-Amherst Erin was born in Billings, Montana, “the magic city” and spent her childhood summers with family in Minnesota. She moved to Mass in 2000. Yoga found her in college in 2001, but she jokes that she didn’t truly fall in love until 2010. Her passion is creating ‘home space’ through connection to both community and self. Her teaching is rooted in breath, Hatha & Vinyasa. Her work & life path work has ranged from restaurant & retail, counseling adolescents, nonprofit management, and entrepreneurial program design - Denver, Minneapolis & Boston. Her passion has always been people, art, & peace and yoga has been the practice to ground her as she has traveled She currently teaches through the collaborative Yoga venture PEACE. “To me yoga is like music. The energy for breathe, posture, and movement is inherent. It lives in us. The magic happens when we as humans make the conscious decision to put it into practice - when we encourage ourselves to breathe deep, to hold, move, sustain, and flow - individually & in group.”

Marlene Boyette

Marlene believes that her interest in Yogic principals began long before she had ever touched a mat. Her connection to nature, empathic heart and growing desire to explore various approaches to cultivating inner peace led her toward the actual physical practice of Asana. As an educator, after sharing yoga informally with students for years, Marlene gained her first certification for Children’s Yoga in 2013 and began working with various schools, organizations and museums across Boston and Cambridge, to provide yoga and mindfulness programming. She is presently a faculty Yoga and Meditation teacher at the Advent School in Beacon Hill. Marlene’s most recent 200 hr certification is Trauma Informed Yoga, which she incorporates into all of her teaching to assist students in becoming more aware of and connected to their bodies and minds. She believes that yoga, as a philosophy, is the very way in which we approach every single aspect of life; from the foods that we choose to ingest to the way that we address Self-Care, Self-Love and our physical, emotional and mental health needs; Gently, mindfully and joyfully.

Stephanie Caldwell

Stephanie Caldwell came to yoga looking for a full body workout that was more than just bouncing from machine to machine in a gym. After familiarizing herself with the poses through online classes she took her first live class. As she laid in savasana she knew she was home; in the stillness of her own body, she was home. The postures, the progress, and the physical & mental sensations were unmatched and she knew this practice was for her. Yoga challenged her physical body and it fed her soul. Stephanie's classes are strong and challenging, focusing on alignment while offering modifications for students of all levels. Students will feel invigorated and energized at the end of each sequence. Her goal is to provide a safe space to focus on the mind-body connection and to let go of the swirl of thoughts constantly circling the mind. She wants her students to feel capable of anything, no matter where they are in their practice, and she provides the tools and guidance for progress on their mats and in their minds. Stephanie encourages others to mindfully commit to self-care, health, and wellness.

Jeanne Dasaro

Jeanne began practicing yoga in 2007 as part of her rehabilitation from a lower back injury. Over the past 10 years, Jeanne has learned that the benefits of yoga stretch far beyond the strength and flexibility gained from physical poses. Jeanne believes yoga and meditation can better connect us to ourselves, each other, and our communities. Jeanne completed her 200-hour training at South Boston Yoga. Jeanne's classes are friendly, fun and focus on the aligning the mind and body. Jeanne is the studio manager at Quincy Yoga & Massage where she supports the growing QYM community and team.

Enrica Filippi

Enrica Filippi is a 200-hr yoga instructor through the Kripalu School of Yoga. Her gentle, yet invigorating sequence of postures stretch and strengthen the entire body, helping to dissolve barriers and release the tension that so often dulls our natural life energy and vitality. By tapping into the body’s innate intuitive wisdom for healing and rejuvenation, Enrica's classes aim to offer a sanctuary for students to explore their own journey of transformation through self alignment, awareness, and synthesis. Through the compassionate and contemplative practice of yoga, Enrica deeply believes in the power of yoga for the integration and fusion of body, heart and mind by clearing blockages, inviting harmonious expression, and refining one’s action for greater synergy in life. Off the mat, she enjoys drinking tea, being immersed in nature, photography, and eastern philosophy.

J Gustavo

J Gustavo is an avid fitness enthusiast who shares a passion for helping others discover their physical potential through various training methodologies and a well-balanced diet. J’s personal fitness journey began in his teens playing high school basketball, which helped instill the mental and physical discipline needed to explore other physical abilities. Over the years, J have discovered that the human body has the ability and potential to transform itself in ways many can't fathom. J is consistently unlocking new ways to strengthen and improve his physical condition via yoga, calisthenics, boxing, weightlifting, running, etc., etc. J’s physical philosophy regarding fitness and is primarily based on dynamic mechanical movement. This idea come from the Ido Portal’s Movement Culture which represents a “contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving people away from main culprits in movement and fitness as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance and art.

Mann Luu

Mann began practicing yoga in 2000 as part of an overall regiment for her Boston Marathon training. Over the last 18 years, she has returned again and again to cultivate inner stability and develop greater self-awareness; she is continually inspired by yoga's transformative power - both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of love and strength. In 2016, Mann completed her 200-hour training at Universal Power Yoga. As a teacher, she is warm and friendly. When teaching she hopes for her students to find balance mentally, physically, and spiritually providing them with a practice that they can embody in their daily lives off the mat.

Courtney May

Courtney began practicing yoga as a complement to competitive athletic training in college. It was not until years later, that she deepened her practice. Through her dedications, Courtney has discovered a way to prevent injuries, quiet the mind, and challenge the body physically. She draws from her athletic background to create a class that will strengthen the body yet promote flexibility and ease the mind through thoughtful meditations. She sees the yoga practice as a way to unplug from our busy lives and bring awareness and focus to the yoga mat and beyond. Courtney completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through South Boston Yoga, and continues to be inspired by her teachers, David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund.

Elizabeth Oherron

The first time Liz tried Yoga she thought it was…. ok. She was a gym rat most of her life and her mindset was that yoga was not going to be a challenge. The gym she belonged to offered free Yoga so she thought why not? The class seemed fine and there was something about it she liked but she couldn’t put her finger on it. After that, she decided to venture out of her comfort zone and try yoga at a variety of studios. Liz soon discovered it was the mind and body connection that drew her into the practice. Liz is the type of person who is on the go 24/7 (maybe hyper is the right word) but yoga gave her a spiritual and mental benefit that was needed in her life. It was an hour of checking in with herself at her own pace and in her own time. The desire to teach was born from the sense of serenity that she received from class. After many years of thinking about becoming an instructor she finally took the leap in 2017 and enrolled in the teacher training program at Open Door Studio in Weymouth. Liz’s goal is to introduce Yoga to those who are hesitant to try a yoga class. She tries to keep class light hearted and fun. Liz feels there are no mistakes on your mat, just a chance to grow your practice. Namaste!

Ajita Purohit

When practicing with Ajita, you can expect a beginner-friendly flow that will leave you lighter and happy you came. Ajita answered the call to become a vinyasa yoga instructor to be able to share her love of the practice that has been ongoing since 2004. Ajita carries a passion for helping others, which is what drew her to pursue a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work in 2003. With her newly acquired RYT 200 certification with Cassandra Foster at Milton Yoga, she blends her experiences in social work with her spirituality to create a balance of the mind body and spirit. With a joyful heart, Ajita creates a welcoming community for clients of any age and any level of ability.

Laura Sauter

Laura Sauter has been practicing yoga for years, initially for its physical benefits, but later to appreciate the spiritual and emotional rewards. Yoga is a way of life. Her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, playful and inclusive. She firmly believes that yoga is for every body. Greatly inspired by the yamas and niyamas of the yoga sutras, Laura strives to live her life by the principles of balance, openness, abundance, gratitude, compassion & joy. She uses this foundation to share a dynamic and challenging breath and alignment-based vinyassa flow. Her compassionate, inviting approach and attention to kundalini breath allows her students to find the sweetness of their practice She is a mother of two teens girls, a graphic designer, as well as a divorce and wellness coach. Find her on FB at: beauty energy love: yoga, reiki, bodywork

Tee Trac

Yoga has changed Tee Trac's life for the better. For that reason, she wanted to learn how to teach it to help people the same way it helped her. Tee finished my 200 hours of training with Open Doors Yoga in Weymouth and is also Yin Certified Yoga Teacher. She currently trains with Shawn Cornelison for the 300 hours program to specialize in the application of therapeutic essentials and go even deeper in learning skills of yoga as a healing art and science. May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, and may you be at ease.
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